Met Gala 2013 Fashion

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Once again its time for Fashion’s biggest night! Met Gala!!! This years theme is Punk: chaos to Couture. The unconventional theme brought out the inner punk in many of our celebs from Hollywood’s A-listers , to Designers and to Models! Below are some of my favourite, not so favourite looks.


What were some of your favourites look?


  1. Wow, some stunners there. I love the studded, leather jacket and many of the black dresses which follow. I really cannot stand Madonna’s look, the last 3 dresses, especially Beyoncé’s gold one, or KStewart’s.

    Some of the white ones are lovely, like that first one from the girl who was in House (forget her name, my apologies, it’s 5 a.m.). Emma Watson’s dress is one of my favorites, and I also really love the black one that is 2 photos down. But the model (?) in that chartreuse-y dress…. yikes. That one is horrible. But Madonna’s probably takes the cake for trying to look 21 in the 1980s.

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