Hi guys! How’s your week going? We finally got a break from the brutal Arctic temperatures that have been hovering over the Prairies for the last two weeks. Can I tell you how nice it is to walk outside and not instantly freeze from the -30 Celsius temps hitting your face. Fingers crossed it lasts for more than a week. Is anyone else dealing with a never ending cold? I’ve had a cold since last week and I just can’t seem to shake it.

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Is there such a thing as too much denim? I mean, denim is probably one of the most versatile pieces in our closet. And it’s easy to dress up and super comfortable to wear. Which is a win in my book.
I recently added this pair of ripped denim to my closet. Skinny denim is usually my go to style so it’s always nice when you can find styles that have a little extra detail. Like this foil stripe on both sides and the frayed hems. And because they are cotton blend, they are ridiculously comfortable and easy to style. I also apparently have a thing for wearing denim and sequins because it was my go to all last month.

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Straight Leg Denim And Sequins

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It’s been years since I’ve bought a pair of straight leg denim. I’ve been hesitant to try this style because I just thought it wouldn’t flatter my curves. But I will admit it, I was so wrong. These beauties have a high rise fit and true straight legs that taper down to funky ripped hems. But my favourite thing about them is they make my perky African butt look smaller. Not going to lie, I kinda love that! Lol! I won’t be giving up my skinny jeans any time soon but I do like having a little variety.

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Hope you guys have a great week!
xo, Jackie

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