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As most of you already know, I live on the Canadian prairies, Winnipeg to be exact. There are many great things about my city that I love. Other things, not so much, like very cold winter days. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy winter but not the extreme windchill days. Ha ha.
Anyhow, I often feel that we get overlook as a city when it comes to fashion and yes sometimes we even do it ourselves. Winnipeggers often complain that there’s nowhere to shop or anything to do! Well, I’m going to dispel those rumours, the fashion ones for now, the others I’ll have to tackle in a later post.
Like all other cities, we have malls but I’m not a huge fan of them. Nothing against malls, they do serve a purpose…how else would I get my L’occitane face creams:)
Now, we may not have a Zara, Jcrew, Macy’s H&M, etc…but what we do have are many fabulous boutiques such as Luxe Lables, Moulé, Mad About Style, Out of the Blue, Hush, Danali and Rooster, just to name a handful:). One thing I love about boutiques is that they carry both local designers as well as great lines that are loved by so many.
They’re some of the best places to find stylish and unique pieces but that doesn’t mean they’re short on selection or hard on the wallet. It’s quite the opposite, in fact you can find boutiques that are friendly to every budget and every style! The hardest part for me is staying within my budget:)
One of my favourite places to shop is Luxe Labels.
Don’t those shots just make you want to stop in?!?
Luxe Labels truly is the best of the best. They feature lines you know and love but are very selective when choosing pieces from those lines…think one part fashion must have, one part timeless classic. I mean where else can you find House of Harlow, Low Luv x Erin Wasson, Vince, Rebecca Minkoff, Smythe, 7 For all Mankind, Black Halo, White & Warren, the list goes on and on. Jenn Woo, Shirley Wong and their team are amazing! They treat you like a longtime girlfriend. Every time I’m there, I feel at home…this might also be because I spend a couple of hours there each time and they’re much too nice to kick me out. Lol!
Now, back to my point. Last week my good friend Candace and I went to check out Luxe’s friends and family event.
Meet my partner in crime…
Isn’t she beautiful?!? And she’s the mother of a very busy 16 mth old boy. Crazy, right!!! We often frequent Luxe together which is always a good time, even though our bank accounts don’t always agree! lol!
We spent the next two and half hours (embarrassed to admit we took that long) trying on just about everything in the store. Ugh, now the hard part, editing down our huge piles to just a couple selections. In the end, I chose a cashmere sweater and a purse. The purse should come as no big surprise here as everyone knows my two main obsessions are shoes and purses…and sales are my weakness.
I just couldn’t resist this Rebecca Minkoff MAC studded clutch.
I’ve been lusting after a cashmere sweater for a longtime and I decided this would be the year to invest in a high quality cashmere sweater and I couldn’t think of a better time to buy than now. Outfit post of the sweater to follow when it’s a bit warmer out.
I’m looking forward to wearing this sweater all winter…did I mention how baby soft it is:) As for what Candace bought, I’ve been sworn to secrecy;)
Boutique shopping is always fun, warm and inviting; and the best part is no crowds to fight your way through.
Happy shopping!!
xoxo Jackie


  1. I like the bag! And I love how perfectly the photo goes with the colours. It’s as if it’s the perfect Christmas decoration to an icy, wintery tree! So clever, Jackie! xoxox Salomé

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