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I don’t know about you but perfume is the one accessory that I cannot live without! Like many of you I have many different perfumes that not only reflect my mood, but also change depending on the season. In the spring and summer I tend to favour a scent that is light & sweet ( though not nauseating sweet ). During fall and winter I prefer a scent that is a little more heavier with some musk and has a touch of sass 😉 And for a night out its ALWAYS a sultry sexy scent! Since I’m officially finished my christmas shopping I decided today I would set out to find a new perfume for two reason – First one being that I was simply bored with my collection and felt a new fragrance was in order. Second – Christmas season = gift sets & specials…lets be honest who doesn’t love that:)

I originally set out to buy Chanel Coco Noir, I mean who doesn’t love a little Chanel, right?…I was convinced it was meant for me, after all it does have Patchouli, Sandalwood and musk in it among other notes such as Grapefruit, Bergamot, Rose and Jasmine. Not to mention the bottle is pretty sleek.

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I had high hopes for this one but sadly enough the scent did not work with my body chemistry. In other words it smelled rancid on me! Sniff, sniff :(.

However, lucky for me my eyes caught sight of a unique looking sheer black bottle; a new perfume from Donna Karan called Woman. It was launched this past summer and the fragrance was inspired to make women feel good about themselves. Now that’s something I can get behind!

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Not only is the bottle eye-catching but the scent is so different from anything I own. The fragrance has notes of Sandalwood, Vetiver and orange blossom…never thought I’d be a fan of orange blossom.

So, I tried a sample on my wrist and twenty minutes later I still loved the scent! Yup, I was sold but the best part was the Eau du perfume came with a 7ml bottle ( perfect size for your purse ), and lotion too. Like I said – I love Christmas sets!


  1. I did a review of Coco Noir for my blog (which covers a lot of perfume stuff) and I liked it but I was most definitely not WOW’d by it. It’s a bit sad, given that I didn’t go into it expecting either a variation of Coco or a Noir perfume. It’s nice, I like it, but I’m not sure it’s special. Your comments on the Donna Karan definitely make me want to try that one now. I *adore* orange blossom in things. And you’re right, that bottle is lovely!

  2. I really can’t stand celebrity perfumes, unfair as that may be to a few of them. Did you know that J.Lo has 18? That Britney Spears has 11?? Even Snooki has one. I know that — with the exception of Sarah Jessica Parker — few celebrities are hands-on and deeply involved with the creation of their scents, which is probably why I find it so irritating. Well, that and just how mass-market, mainstream generic it is! Grrrr. As you can tell, I have some strong opinions on perfume. LOL. Totally OT, btw, you are really beautiful.

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