Yay Or Nay? Marsala – Pantone Colour of 2015

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Hi Guys! Its time to say goodbye to Radiant Orchid because Pantone has just named Marsala the colour of the year for 2015.


In a company press release, Pantone describes this colour as “a naturally robust and earthy wine red, Marsala enriches our minds, bodies and soul, exuding confidence and stability.” Confidence and stability aren’t what come to mind when I look at this colour…If I’m being honest, it reminds me of dried blood and rust, sorry but it does. Lol! But to be fair, the colour isn’t that bad. I would describe Marsala as an earthy reddish brown with a hint of mauve. It’s a warm colour that will flatter most skin tones and it pairs well with neutral colours like black and navy. Take a look:

I’m surprised this is the colour of the year, I mean I wasn’t crazy about Radiant Orchid but at least it was bright and cheery. Marsala is dull and flat so for me this is somewhere between yay and nay. Now I can’t see myself wearing a ton of this colour but as a blush or lipstick, it’s doable. What about you? Yay or Nay?

Xo, Jackie


  1. See I love the color itself..as it is very close to bordeaux…but i am not sure yet how I feel bout it for makeup…hard one to pull off on my fair skin.

  2. i actually love the color. i personally think it’s flattering on me, so i can’t complain. hahaha! 😀 but i do feel what you’re saying that it’s a bit dull and lacklustre.

    anyways, have a great week!
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  3. I think it’s pretty, like a deep burgundy. You showed it in a flattering light because I want everything you pictured haha. I think I’ll be able to rock this. Thank you for sharing what the color of the year is, I didn’t know the new one!


  4. it’s a beautiful color – great for this time of year … and judging by the comments, very popular. But I do get what you’re saying, it may be a little lackluster for a title as grand as “color of the year”


  5. Yes….I’m with you….I’m a little torn of this…I think I like it, but it’s a little lackluster. I’m curious to see whether I end up wearing it very much- As of now, I have one top in that color and that’s it! LOL

  6. Kid you not, I JUST painted my nails “cinna-snap” (by Sally Hansen) that is basically Marsala incarnate. I like it! Following you now! <3

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