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White Denim

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Happy Friday lovelies! The last few days have been nice and warm and I’m cautiously optimistic that we are done with the snow 🙂 I’m looking forward to this weekend because a good friend of mine will be in town for a visit. She used to live out here but moved away a few years ago. I love it when all of us girls get the chance to get together to catch up and drink wine 😉

You guys, believe it or not, these are the only pair of white denim that I own. Don’t get me wrong, I love to wear white denim but I’m always afraid of getting it dirty. Which means I’m always super paranoid when I wear white denim or pants. It’s like I become an instant magnet for dirt or my dogs dirty paws. So a couple of years ago, I made myself a promise that if I didn’t ruin these by the end of that summer then I would invest in another pair of denim. Like these. Fast forward two years later and I’m happy to report that these babies are still white! Time to shop 🙂

Blazer: Le Chateâu (similar)  Top: Joe fresh  Denim: Second Clothing  Heels: Design Lab Lord & Taylor

Necklace: Silpada  Clutch: Love, Cortnie  Watch: Karl Lagerfeld

Oh and  if anyone has any clever tips on how to keep your white denim white, please share 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!

xo, Jackie❤️

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  1. I love it when girlfriends come into town tooooo, you can drink some wine and spill the tea haha! Great All White combo: Cool Icy White Minimalism!I for one am too clumsy for white but admire it on others. Ps it was great to see your eyes in one of your shots, Have a fab wkend! ( :

  2. Love the clutch and the jacket! Great to see your friend again, yes girlsnights are great. I am having one tonight! Yeah!
    Today is the start of the Fancy Friday linkup party. Will you join me? Have a great weekend!

  3. Hahaha! I so get what you mean about wearing white around pets!
    But you did it, you made it through and got yourself another pair, so kudos mama!!
    And that bag is everything. it was literally the first thing I noticed before the white pants!

  4. You look amazing, Jackie! I love the way you styled your white denim with the grey tank and white blazer, it creates such a soothing and stylish combination, perfect for spring, especially with the pop of lavender in the clutch! It’s finally starting to feel like spring around here, too, so I’m very happy! Thanks so much for sharing, beautiful, and I hope you enjoy the time spent with your friend, it’s always so much fun catching up!



  5. You look beyond amazing Jackie! This all white look is perfect on you!! I hope you had a great time with your friend hun, I also met one of my best friends yesterday who I see very rarely due to distance, I had such a wonderful time with her 🙂
    Have a great new week!

  6. Firstly, I hope you enjoy your time with your old friend, it is always good to catch up. And secondly, I know how you feel about getting your white denim stained, don’t we all…ha ha. You look beautiful Jackie wearing that look.
    Take care

  7. Ahh the constant battle with white. I have the hardest time keeping my white shirts clean, believe it or not. For some reason, my white denim (jeans) wash right off but sleeves of white shirts stay dirty. It’s annoying. I love this clean, all white look. You look so classy!


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