Pants Are Out, Slims Are In!

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Is it just me or is finding the perfect pair of pants, regardless of size, just about impossible? I always have trouble trying to find a pair of pants that fit my body type. I have long legs, a small waist and some black booty – in other words, a perky butt 🙂
And it frustrates me that I always have to spend extra money on tailoring.
So I was pretty excited when I heard about Nygård Slims. A pair of pants that flatten the tummy and shape, curve and sculpt the butt. They also elongate the leg and make you look up to five inches slimmer. And the cost? $49!!!
I was beyond honoured when Peter Nygård invited me to try out a pair of his Slims and made time to talk to me about them.
Me: Hello Mr. Nygard! I’m so excited to talk to you about your Slims! I love them!
PN: What makes you feel good about them?
Me: For me, it’s the fit and they’re so easy to put on! I love how the fabric moves and breathes with you! How long have you been working on them?
PN: About a year. From research to focus groups and then picking the right yarns. Plus we wanted the right finish on the fabric and the right weight. And then to have the right elasticity so it actually does hold and slim you. We measured women when they put on ordinary pants or even ones that claim to trim you and we’re a whole two to five inches thinner right off the bat! I mean you just look thinner! It’s a very special engineered patterned, I even patented the pattern so nobody can copy it. This is my personal product. I haven’t built a product in a really long time and I get such a thrill out of building again!
Me: Wow, top secret stuff! What are the different styles they come in?
PN: We have four versions of the pants. The Leggings are so nice to wear with boots. It’s a great fall look! Then there’s the Ankle Slims which flare out a bit so you can wear them with a smaller heel. The Straight pants start flaring just past the knees. And then we have the Boot Cut. Put on a six inch heel and man does that make your leg look lean! The long lean leg look is in.
Me: And they come in four different colours, right?
PN: Yes, we have four colours right now; black, grey, Nygård blue and Taupe. But we will be releasing a new colour every month so by March, we will have 10 colours. And then we’ll be doing some novelties like leather trim. I’ve got some beautiful things designed and planned for spring!
Me: You had me at leather trim! And Nygård Slims will make their debut this Friday at The Runway Ready Fashion show?
PN: Right, we’re going to do a little show to show the different functions and styles. It will be a functional show, more than just a normal fashion show. We’ve also set up a charity aspect to my Slims. Starting Friday and for the month of October, Nygård will donate one dollar from each pair sold in North America to breast cancer research. The money in Manitoba will go to CancerCare.
Me: Thats so amazing!
PN: Thank you! We’ve been a major supporter of breast cancer research for over 20 years! We also like to celebrate victories so we always include models who are breast cancer survivors.
Me: Thank you for your time Mr. Nygard and all the best with your Slims!
PN: You’re welcome and thank you Jackie!
Pants: Nygård (Ankle) Top: Phillip Lim x Target Heels: Zara (similar here) Bracelets: Expression


  1. This is so true I always have this challenge as well, I always have to tailored most of my pants I will definitely check these pants out 🙂

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