Outfit Of The Day: Wide-leg Pants

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For the last few years, I’ve been wearing skinny denim, pants, and leggings that I actually forgot how fun it is to wear wide-leg pants. Its nice to change up your style every once and awhile, right? These pants are super comfy and have just the right amount of flow for me. I like to pair them with a high-heel shoes to give my legs added length 🙂 because I am after all short girl. Yup, I fake my height! Lol!!!

Jacket: Eryn Brinié Top: James Perse Pants: Gap Heels: Nine West Ring: Old Necklace: gift Wallet: Maxx New York

Tell me, do you like to wear wide-leg pants?

Have a great weekend!!

xo, Jackie

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  1. First thing I have to say is GIRL IS THAT A NEW HAIR STYLE? You look SUPER classy and I love it, makes me want to cut my hair shorter again. But I would have to get rid of the bangs hmmm…and great tip, heels and long pants, I need to try that because I am 5ft tall and I could use an optical illusion hehe 😀 Have a great weekend, love your outfit <3

  2. You’re a short girl?! I don’t believe it. And if it’s true — then you need to share your seem-tall secrets with the world!

    I love the wide-legged pants. This look is so posh yet professional. I have been trying to embrace other silhouettes beyond skinny — but it’s a bit of a challenge because I’ve grown so accustomed to wearing that look!


  3. I like wide leg pant too and wear them a lot to work when I sued to work. But then like you I don’t wear them often. Wide leg pant actually are petite friendly leg shape since it makes someone like me look taller. I like the gray and white combo with the blue.


  4. You look fab and chic as usual 🙂 To answer your question I love wide leg pants. I was shopping my closet just yesterday and I found a wide leg jean that I didn’t have a chance to wear yet. after seeing you I am now inspired 🙂

  5. we can totally relate, it’s so nice to wear wide legged pants with all the skinnies that have been in style. love this chic outfit!
    by the way, it’s so weird to imagine you short, you look like you have supermodel height!!
    xoxo Vera & Rony

  6. Stunning! Those pants come with so much class and the whole look is just flawless.

    Thanks for those kind words you left on my comment page. Hope you have a great start of the week ahead.

  7. You always look so tal! I haven’t worn wide-legged pants in a while but keep meaning to bring my pair out. They are definitely a nice change from the typical skinnies 🙂

  8. I have always loved wide leg pants. I don’t think they should ever go out of style. I read somewhere that flare and bootcut were “out” and I was like how can a pair of pants that has been around so long be out? Same goes for these gorgeous pants. You look awesome!

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