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Ok guys, its confession time. I bought this very bright top solely because it was on sale. Picture this. There I was grocery shopping at Superstore (all Joe Fresh clothes are sold thru Superstore & Loblaws in Canada) when I spotted this bright orange beauty on the clearance rack. Naturally, I had to wander over and check it out … and maybe the whole clearance section 😉 My first thought was – nice silk top, but it might be too bright for my taste that is until I saw the price. $9.99 (marked down from $49). I mean, I can’t pass that up, right?!? Sure colour wise it might be a little out of my comfort zone but it is summer after all. And, I can’t think of better time than now to wear orange. Also, if I think about the cost per wear … this top is a practically free 🙂 See how I rationalize things in my mind. Lol!


Top: Joe Fresh (similar) Jeans: Second Denim Heels: BCBG Bag: Jason Wu Necklace: Kitsy Lane Watch: Gucci Bracelets: Loka Boutique, Diy Ring: Lia Sophia (similar)

Have you guys ever done this? Please tell me I’m not the only one…

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xo, Jackie <3

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  1. I love your rationale! I think we can all admit to purchasing at least an item or two because of clearance. I’m so guilty of that 🙂 And it’s a perfect top for summer!

  2. You and me both sister! Bhahahaha, I don’t know what it is about a price tag that shows more than 50% off, I am aware that most of them in stores are basically made up and the “discount” price might actually be the real price of the item…but when it says SALE on the tag that you best believe that things just got serious and I need to get that.

  3. I’ve definitely gotten sucked into the Joe Fresh section many times as well. When we lived in Ottawa there was a great Superstore that always had the best markdowns! (Not in their groceries, of course, but at least in their clothing section lol) Shopping at the end of season is always so dangerous. You go in to get bread and come out with a new silk shirt. It happens! haha

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