Outfit of the Day : Attack Of The Faux Fur Coat

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I’m pretty sure most of you are enjoying warmer temperatures and melting snow…not us over here, we got another dump of about 20cm snow. Jealous, right?
Normally I’d be less than impressed, especially since its been a colder than usual winter for us on the prairies. But the day before this snow storm, I happened to stop by a store here that’s currently having a “going out of business” sale. I’m a sucker for a good sale but who isn’t!
Inside waiting for me was this fabulous faux fur jacket! Sure enough, that old nagging voice piped up to remind me that I already have a black faux fur jacket, “so miss thing, do you really need another one?” To which I kindly reminded her that a) not everyone can be as practical as her. She’s such a buzz kill! And b) I’ve worn it several times but it’s not a long jacket. This jacket is 3/4 length and it’s only $15!!!! So old nagging voice, I don’t care if it’s a little over the top for me, it’s a steal at $15 ( regular price $238 ) even if I only wear it once, it’s still a score! Ha! Shut it down ’cause you can’t talk me out of this one 🙂
Needless to say I bought it and wore the day after our snow storm…I couldn’t think of a better time to pull it out. I’m not sure how much use I’ll get out of it since spring is hopefully just around the corner for us 🙂 But they’re is always next winter!!!
Jacket: Hudson Bay Shirt: Gift Pants: Guess Jeans Shoes: Nine West Necklace: Gift
Oh and on a side note to all my fellow Canadians…Zara Canada online shopping is officially up and running today! Finally!!!!


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