MTV VMAs: Best And Worst Dressed

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I don’t know about you guys but I was underwhelmed with the red carpet fashion this year at the MTV VMAs. Some stars rocked the red carpet, others ***yawn*** played it safe and the rest …judge for yourself. Now, this is just my opinion but at the music awards I feel like anything goes in terms of fashion. If you’re going take fashion risks or try something new, this is certainly the place do it! Leave the playing it safe for The Oscars, Emmys, The Golden Globes etc. Ugh!

Best Dressed

Ciara looked stunning in this Givenchy gown. Gorgeous! Hands best dressed for me!

Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding got the memo and she rocked it out in this studded gown with a sexy leg slit.

Worst Dressed:

Lil Kim is wearing a laser-cut leather bodysuit by Anthony Latimore and yellow suede boots. I know I said take risks but this is just all kinds of wrong. I mean the fit is completely wrong and I don’t know whats happened to her face…too much plastic surgery. I don’t even recognize her anymore 🙁

Miley Cyrus is wearing a vintage Dolce & Gabbana crop top and pants. Sigh, I don’t know what to say about her. Could someone please help with this?

Honourable Mentions

Selena Gomez is wearing a HOT royal purple gown from Atelier Versace. I love everything about this gown expect for Selena wearing it 🙁 Don’t get me wrong she’s a beautiful girl and looks good. However, I do think she’s a bit too short and young to pull this type of sexy gown. But I have to giver her credit for trying!

Taylor Swift wearing a blue Hervé Legér dress. Once again I love the dress but this is the same Old Hollywood glamour she seems to be wearing to all the award shows. Boring! But I guess it’s better than Miley Cyrus!

Rita Ora is wearing Alexandre Vauthier Couture. I know this wasn’t loved by many but I think she looks beautiful and I love the dress. But I do wish they had taken in a little more at the waist, because with the belt it looks just a little sloppy. If they had, she would have been on my best dress list.

Danity Kane

Welcome Back Danity Kane!! Lookin’ good!


Who were your favourites?

xo, Jackie 🙂


  1. I did like Ellie Goulding’s dress but I have to disagree with you on Ciara! I’m not a fan of the see-through opaque-fabric-covering-my-lady-parts look. I do agree with you on Selena, she’s a bit too young to pull that off.

  2. Love Ciara’s dress but also Selina’s look! She’s young alright but I think she’s looking more and more like a woman 😀 about Miley…I think she just woked up one day and decided to purposly become a garbage bin looking lady. Too bad, she;s really beautiful underneath all that trash.

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