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Lady Like | Bow Blouse

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Happy Monday! Hope you guys had a great weekend! My girlfriend Renée and I were invited to attend Nygard’s Fall Fashion Show Friday night which was a lot of fun. You might have seen some of our craziness on Instagram Stories & Snapchat. Speaking of that, what are your thoughts about the whole Instagram vs. Snapchat thing? I prefer the fun filters of Snapchat but I do find myself using Instagram Stories more often.

This sleeveless bow blouse is by far one of my favourite purchases from Target. It was part of the Altuzarra For Target Collection. I’m still sad that Target Canada closed It’s such a simple, elegant and dare I say ladylike top. My inner tomboy usually rejects anything too feminine but this top was screaming out to me and truth be told, it makes me feel sophisticated. Lol! Which I guess is always a bonus but what I really love about a bow blouse is how incredibly versatile it can be. It’s a great piece for layering and can be worn to work or even on weekends. Seriously, it all works. I’ve linked up some cute bow blouses for you below.

Cardigan: Old   Top: Altuzarra x Target (similar)   Pants: Le Château (similar)   Heels: Zara  
Bag: Ralph Lauren (similar)   Sunnies: Joe Fresh

How do you feel about bow blouses?

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xo, Jackie

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  1. A bow blouse is such a feminine item. I love them. But watch out when you’re cooking! Hahaha, I’m speaking of experience!!

  2. Love this bow blouse on you, you’re absolutely right in that its really versatile. The pin stripe pants are so elegant too, Jackie! I used to own a bow blouse like this…..wonder what happened to it…
    As for the stories v snapchat, snapchat all day baby baaybe!!

  3. I love this chic and sophisticated look, Jackie! The blouse is so sharp and I hear you! I prefer IG stories too! I love the filters on Snapchat but I have come to stop posting on Snap and instead use IG! Just a personal preference! 🙂
    Happy Monday, love!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  4. Sounds like such a fun time spent with your girlie! I haven’t been able to really watch and share anything on Insta Stories for over a month because I dropped and cracked my entire screen! I recently ordered a new phone, thankfully I’m due for an upgrade, haha! So, I unfortunately missed the video of you sharing your time, it’s so annoying to try and watch something on a cracked screen! You look absolutely beautiful in this outfit, I adore that blouse! I had no idea that Target Canada closed! I wonder why, I mean, everyone seems to shop at Target! Anyway, thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you’re having a great start to your week so far!



  5. Totally slaying it in this classy, sophisticated look! Absolutely love that blouse! And I feel ya on the whole snapchat/Insta stories thing…I love the SC filters but I like having everything in one place on Instagram….#bloggerproblems lol

  6. Inner tomboy? I don’t see that☺
    You look well darling.
    And why did Target close down in Canada? Must have a lot to do with sales I believe. Just curious.
    Do take care of you. Cheers

  7. Such a gorgeous, elegant outfit. I love those pants. As for Instagram Stories vs Snapchat, definitely Instagram Stories. I love having everything in one place, and I can’t figure out Snapchat for anything. It’s hard to get followers there, it’s difficult to find people unless you know their user name, and I really don’t like the silly filters. It gets old seeing everyone with a flower halo or a bumblebee on their head.

  8. I thought I had already left a comment on this post. I love love love this outfit. You look so amazing in these pinstriped pants and blouse combo. The heels really added to it and made this whole look come together. I also think you look sophisticated. This outfit just screams it.
    Have a wonderful week, Jackie.

    I hope we can catch up soon.

  9. I hope you had a fun time at the fashion show, I want to hear all about it! SO glad you got to experience your first one! Aren’t they so much fun and the energy is always through the roof! I love Target and their collaborations. You are killing it in the look and I love the bow detail on your top. So cute!

  10. I just love that bow blouse of yours Jackie! I am visiting Target tomorrow after a lot of months and can;t wait to see what they got! Your look is so sleek, lady like and elegant! You look really amazing! As for snapchat and instagram stories, I prefer snapchat but if one has already many followers on isngaram maybe it’s a better option! I wish we hadn’t got to do all this double work anyway haha!
    Hope you are great and you are having a great week so far!

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