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Accessories To Elevate Your Party Wear Dress

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Hi guys! I’m currently away in Toronto with my husband as he under goes surgery. So please enjoy this guest post from Sophia, she’s a blogger and marketing consultant.

We understand the plight of choosing the perfect party wear dress for that Saturday night with the girl gang, for that official cocktail party you have in-between the week or for the upcoming date.
The pompous fit, the perfect colour, the ideal length; each detail is essential to be paid attention to. And, if that is not enough of a headache in itself, then there lies the daunting task of accessorizing the dress to make the appearance look whole. For sure, Women’s party wear dresses are a serious business, when it comes to styling them, or the fanciest of the dress can look dull and tasteless. The addition of little trinkets can elevate the look of a dress! We know!
There are a hundred accessories you can add to your party dress to add oodles of glamour to it in seconds. We show you some ways.

Shoes :

Opt for heels to compliment a party wear dress; it could be chunkier wedge heels for a comfortable, casual night or sexy stilettoes or pumps to take it a notch higher. You could make a dull, solid-coloured dress jazzed-up with shimmery flat sandals for women or combine subtle black heels with a sparkly dress.

Jackets and Blazers :

If you think your sparkly dress might be a little too much, try accessorizing it with a nice blazer in monotonous colours or pairing slip dresses with contrasting shrugs or complimenting jackets with three-fourth arms. This will subdue the dress and make you look chic as well.

Bags :

Believe us when we say; no dress, absolutely no dress for women is complete without a matching handbag. Or maybe a sling bag. For a more casual and chilled look, style your look with quirky bags in the shape of red lips, milk carton, mobile phone. Find a gorgeous golden shimmery clutch to rock that little black dress!


All women swore by Blair Waldorf’s headbands after Gossip Girl and they became a rage among women with dresses. Take that Sunday brunch party’s white chiffon maxi dress to another level with crystal headbands or use a scarf as a hair tie for a more retro look.


Probably the most popular accessory when it comes to styling anything, lest a party wear dress. Chokers are back and they are back with a bang. Everyone is flaunting them and pairing one with a solid-coloured shift dress with a low neckline is the perfect way to take it casual.

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If you’re the one on the curvier side, opt for a chunky belt. You can choose one in gold for a black dress or a subdued colour for a bright one. Not only will it accentuate your curves, it will add that pop of colour you need.


If it’s December and you want to look your absolute best at that New Year’s Eve party in that bombshell dress but don’t want to look stupid at the same time baring your legs in harsh winters then wear chic stockings; fishnet for a little sultry look, black for a more refined look and colourful for that tint of colour.


The second most popular accessory after neck piecesare earrings, that look good with almost all dresses. Pick large ones if you’re wearing a solid-colour dress or little studs if you’re wearing a designer dress.


If you’re wearing a strapless or a slip dress, straighten your hair out and leave everything out and add a glittery bracelet or a nice designer ladies watch.

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  1. I hope the procedure goes well for the hubby and that he has a speedy recovery! These are all such great tips for styling a party dress, I love the effects a blazer help to create in toning down some heavy designs or embellishments, great tip! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you both have a great weekend!



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