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Outfit Of The Day: Yellow Fever

Oh hi there! Notice anything different?!? We've moved over to a bigger and better site with a little bit of a makeover✨✨ I mean it is spring after all. Start fresh, right😃 Now bear with us as we are still under construction :)       The weather here has been amazing, for first time in years Winnipeg is experiencing[...]

Outfit Of The Day: Coloured Denim

Colour is a foreign concept in my closet during the winter months. Sure I throw in a bit of colour here and there but the majority of my clothes are various shade of black, greys and whites...my comfort colours. When I do wear colour it's usually on top and never on the bottom. I have no idea why but I always feel slightly uncomfortable wearing coloured[...]

Outfit Of The Day: Floral Friday

This outfit is actually from Friday but a busy weekend kept me from posting until now. Florals!!! This is a trend I have stayed far away from. Why? To be honest, I just don't feel comfortable in them. Most of the prints are too loud or too bright for me and I never know how to style it without feeling like I just threw up a bouquet of flowers. I really do li[...]