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White Off The Shoulder Top + A Pencil Skirt

I hope you've had a great start to the week. So, true fact - my mom think’s I’m crazy for wearing my off the shoulder top this late in fall. Don’t get me wrong, she loves this top but thinks it should be a "summer top". However, I think it can be worn all year round but I am kind of obsessed with this trend. I just think off the shoulder tops are so [...]

Off The Shoulder Striped Top

How was your weekend? Our hot summer weather has finally decided to show up :) Minus a couple of crazy storms this past week, the warmer temps have been a welcomed change. On Saturday, I got a tattoo on my upper ribcage and the pain was surprisingly tolerable. I mean it stung but nothing crazy like I expected. The tattoo is one of my favourite quotes, "Love [...]

Off The Shoulder Top + Leather Leggings

I swear to you guys, there is snow on the ground, just very little of it. We have been blessed with above freezing temps for the last few days which has melted most of the snow. Not that I'm complaining, it's rare for us to have such warm weather in December so I'll take it :) But it's funny how it doesn't feel very 'Christmasy' to me without snow...maybe th[...]