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Off The Shoulder Striped Top

How was your weekend? Our hot summer weather has finally decided to show up :) Minus a couple of crazy storms this past week, the warmer temps have been a welcomed change. On Saturday, I got a tattoo on my upper ribcage and the pain was surprisingly tolerable. I mean it stung but nothing crazy like I expected. The tattoo is one of my favourite quotes, "Love [...]

Sweater Weather

Happy labour day! I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend and taking in the last little bits of summer. Because it's only a matter of time before the cooler weather creeps in and we're battling thru the snow ❄️ Thank goodness for light sweaters and cardigans that can be worn as layers... I don't know about you but I'm not ready to give up[...]

Current Obsession: Mules

The weather has finally started to warm up over here, despite yesterday's brief snow fall :( And I can't wait to swap out all my boots for sandals, heels and my latest obsession...Mules!!! These babies are sleek, sexy, edgy and comfortable. They pair well with everything from dresses to skirts to jeans...The possibilities are endless and the best part is th[...]