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Boho Beaded Tank Top

Happy Friday lovelies! Have you ever had a particular item in your closet that you look forward to wearing every season? Well, this beaded tank top is one of those pieces for me. I've had it for years and I always look forward to wearing it every summer. I think it was the beaded detail that drew me in at first and I loved the boho fee it had. [...]

#Pink Shirt Day

Psst! Guess what?!? I’m wearing pink! I normally don’t wear a lot of pink but I’ll be wearing it with pride this week because Pink Shirt Day is February 25th. As we all know, bullying is still a major problem in our schools, workplaces and all over the internet. Pink Shirt day was originally started by two Nova Scotia students, Dave Shepherd and[...]

Outfit Of The Day: 60's Mod Style

  I don’t wear dresses too often but after my recent closet clean out this dress landed in the maybe pile. The pros to this dress–> I like the fit and colour. And the cons–> I often struggle on how to style it just right… I decided to layer it over this sleeveless sheer bow top and thought hey this kinda has a ’60’s mod’ feel [...]