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Friday Fashion File: Stepping Out In Style

Happy Friday! I've teamed up with Terri from CTV Morning Live again to highlight some fun fall fashion for the men. Have you guys heard of Stantt? They are a Menswear company thats taking custom shirting to the next level. Basically, it's the perfect marriage between off the rack and made to measure shirts. Check out the video below to see more. [...]

Burgundy Blazer With Leather Leggings

You guys, I completely forgot what it was like to shoot in the cold. Like -28 celsius wind chill cold. Last month we barley had any snow and the temps were hovering around freezing. Those were the good days, now we are back to true prairie winter weather. Someone please adopt me! Kidding...kind of, lol! Anyhow, on to much more interesting things like fashion[...]