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Layering For Fall Without Adding Bulk

Transitioning to Fall can be a little tricky. You leave the house in the morning wearing a heavy jacket and by the end of the day, you’re wearing just a t-shirt. Annoying right?! So, what’s the best way to handle the varying temps? Layering, of course! Remember It’s not about being complicated; it’s about outfit combinations from pieces you already own in [...]

Outfit Of The Day: Layers

As a Canadian girl living in the prairies ( Winnipeg ) I've come to accept that our winters will be cold, long and sometimes painful. The only way to survive Winterpeg is to arm yourself with layers or in my case, lots of layers :) I pretty much wear layers thru out the season, from t-shirts to long-sleeved shirts, all kinds of sweaters, scarves and plenty o[...]