Spring Forecast: Hot Handbags!!!

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With the clocks moving ahead an hour, I feel like spring is definitely around the corner, despite our recent snow fall! I’m itching to ditch my winter wardrobe and say hello to open toed shoes, sandals, summer dresses, skirts, shorts…sorry, I could go on forever here!
Anyhow, new season means its time to do a little shopping! I’ve got several items on my spring/summer wish list.
At the top of my list are of course shoes & handbags. I mean it’s important that I feed my two main obsessions.
And this season does not disappoint! For those who dare, there are plenty of Geometric patterns to choose from but stripes and squares seem to be the more popular trend.
Colorblocking was big last year and still is this season but instead of bright colours, the neutrals have stepped up.
Metallics are everywhere too! This would most likely be an evening option for me. As beautiful as they are, I find metallics are just too bold as a day purse.
Are you still with me? Because we have to move on to mixed textures! Think canvas prints, straw, embellishments, cut outs, pebbled, embossed, ostrich and perforated leather. Wow, that’s a mouthful.
And don’t forget about animal prints too!
Last but not least, lucite clear bags!!
You see my dilemma here, the possibilities are endless:)


  1. It’s going to take me a little while to mull these over and decide which ones are my favorites. I think my eyes are still adjusting to light after that very, very first black-and-white bag (which was the line where the photos halted in my email before I had to scroll down for the rest). The bag was like some sort of optical illusion and one of those eye trick photos. LOL. I’m still blinking. 😉

    So far though, the orange colour blocked bag (bottom row of that section), the first metallic clutch, and the Green/Black Bally are my favorites. But that Bally is all empty space in between cut-outs? No way I want someone to see what is in my handbag! So, definitely a bag that may be better in theory than in practice!

  2. I know I am so wanting spring to get here already! Love your choices of spring accessories! I think I want almost all of them! LOL! Metallics are wonderful and I am really taking a liking to the geometric patterns this year!


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  4. Those color-blocking bags are amazing! SO does the metallics. But what i’m coveting the most right now are absolutely the lucites, even though it’s kind of tricky to style them isn’t it?

    nice picks, by the way 🙂

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