You guys! There’s less than a week to go until Christmas, the crunch is on to finish up shopping. I’ll be honest, I only started my shopping about a week ago. I had plans to start back in November but like everyone, life got busy and then it was December. I mean, it just seemed so far off at the time.
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I hate to leave things to the last minute, especially when it comes to shopping for my husband. He’s seriously the hardest person to buy for. Every time I think I have the perfect gift for him, he goes and buys it for himself. I swear, it’s like his spidey senses go off and he immediately buys it. Which means I have to get really creative. Last year, I managed to surprise him with a really cool birdhouse. He’s a big bird watcher and I found this woman who makes birdhouses from recycled materials. So each one is unique. I was instantly sold but I can’t do that again…
This year, I’m going to be doing it a little different and turn to Kijiji to find him something unique. Since he’s really into collecting old radios and microphones, I’m hoping to track down a cool mic from the 1950’s or ’60s like this.

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I’m always on Kijiji, mostly for myself to sell/declutter my closet and lately I’ve been using the app, it’s so convenient. It’s a great way to make money and it helps out the environment by reducing the amount of clothing, furniture and tech items that ends up in our landfills. I love to hunt for designer pieces like handbags and accessories… I mean, who doesn’t want a designer bag for a fraction of the cost 🙂 Just saying! Lol!

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Anyhow, I’ve never thought to use it to find collectables! It’s so much faster and way more convenient than going vintage shopping. I just don’t have the time to visit multiple stores in search of old microphones. Besides, Kijiji is the ultimate classified site. It’s the #1 channel for buying and selling second-hand and is used by more Canadians than all the other online platforms combined. And with more than two ads posted every second of everyday… You know you’re going to find some goodies on Kijiji!

Last minute gift ideas to shop for on Kijiji:

By the way, Sundays are the most popular day for new listings during the holidays.

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Reasons I like to use Kijiji:

      • Make extra cash for the holidays and beyond
      • Shop for Christmas décor (beats paying full price)
      • Protect the environment and reduce the amount of clothing, furniture, electronics etc. ending up in the landfills
      • Repurpose an item for a new life
      • Finding brand name items for a fraction of the cost
      • Shopping from the comfort of my own home
      • Getting a good deal (prices are negotiable)


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Let’s face it, the holidays can get expensive and shopping second hand via Kijiji is a great way to save during the holidays.
I’ll keep you posted on my hunt for a vintage microphone, wish me luck 🙂
Do you use Kijiji?

Happy Holidays!!

xo, Jackie

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