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What is it about us women and our hair? Why do we let ourselves be ruled by our hair? We spend far too much time and money on it; at least that’s what the rational side of me says.
We panic when we lose our hairstylist. Practically die trying to find a new one. Dramatic? Not at all. Like it or not, our hair is part of our identity.
Case in point – lets say you wear an uncomfortable pair of shoes…you can always change them. Feeling bloated? You can always change your clothes. But what happens when we get a bad haircut? Our world practically falls apart…you can’t reverse it nor can you make your hair grow overnight (unless of course you’re a superhero). Just like that, our self-confidence falls to the ground.
I can vividly remember when I realized my hair was a big part of my identity.
I was a five year old rebellious tomboy and for whatever reason, I decided to give myself a haircut (bangs in particular). Obviously, it didn’t go so well but what happened next…well, lets just say I never saw it coming. My mother’s reaction! She was so furious with me that she shaved my entire head! I looked like a little boy! Even strangers thought I was a cute little boy!
Granted, my idea was anything but brilliant but come on, I was a five year old curious child. My mothers reaction, however, was a little over the top.
Little did she know that this experience would cement the idea of how important my hair is to my identity.
From that moment on, bad hair for me was not an option…I vowed to never let that happen again.
Fast forward to today, thanks to the invention of wigs and all kinds of hair extensions, we no longer have to suffer.
Cut your hair too short, put a wig on! Not enough layers or volume, clip in some hair extensions!
Want new style without cutting your hair…get a weave!
The rational side of me thinks I should just accept my thin, short and weak hair but my irrational side always steps in at the right moment to remind me…good hair = happy me!
For the time being, I will accept my fate, I am ruled by good hair!
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