Outfit of the day

Outfit Of The Day: Denim Shirt - Round Two

For those of you that follow my blog regularly, you might remember my mixed feelings about this denim top ( see here )... Well I'm giving it another go around but this time with a little help from my mom, Taphy :) Yup, she styled my whole outfit right down to my heels. Just like when I was little only this time around I'm not fighting her on it ;)[...]

Pants Are Out, Slims Are In!

Is it just me or is finding the perfect pair of pants, regardless of size, just about impossible? I always have trouble trying to find a pair of pants that fit my body type. I have long legs, a small waist and some black booty - in other words, a perky butt :) And it frustrates me that I always have to spend extra money on tailoring. So I was pretty exci[...]