Boutique Shopping

As most of you already know, I live on the Canadian prairies, Winnipeg to be exact. There are many great things about my city that I love. Other things, not so much, like very cold winter days. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy winter but not the extreme windchill days. Ha ha. Anyhow, I often feel that we get overlook as a city when it comes to fashion and yes so[...]

Christmas dream wish list

I can't believe there is only 21 days till Christmas! This year I actually started my Christmas shopping early, definite shocker, and I am a few gifts away from being done. This never happens, I usually wait till the week of Christmas to get all my shopping done. Crazy! So with all this extra time on my hands I've started a "dream" Christmas wish list. [...]

Sunny Wednesday!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!! Just two more days to go till the weekend, thankfully . Its full blown winter over here but even though the temps may have dropped the sun is still shinning...and I couldn't let that go to waste. It's all about the layers for me during winter...I hate to be cold. Jacket: Gap. Scarf: gift. Sweater & Shirt: [...]